Keysight Technologies Uses Logik.io to Supercharge Omni-Channel Sales


Why They Chose Logik.io


Keysight has experienced a 40% reduction in quoting time since implementing Logik.io


Keysight has seen 50%-80% decrease in time spent on set up & maintenance


Downstream data informs manufacturers’ and back office decisions to optimize all functions of the business

Keysight CIO Dan Krantz Describes Why Logik.io was a Key Piece of Their Digital Transformation Strategy




Keysight Technologies was looking for a solution to amp up sales productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. The company wanted to ensure that sales people were spending as little time as possible on administrative tasks and as much time as possible selling. As an innovative tech company on the cusp of the “consumerization” trend, Keysight Technologies also wanted to make their advanced and complex products easy for customers to configure in a direct to consumer motion.

Keysight was also looking for a solution to reduce maintenance efforts and costs on CPQ and commerce configuration. When they would acquire and incorporate new businesses with new product lines and launch new internal products, the time, effort, and resources required to make upgrades to product configurations would slow their speed to market. 


Jynnifer Loudener| Project Manager

"Previously we were limited with the products we can offer on our eCommerce experience to products with more simple configurations. A lot of our products are just too complex and would take way too long that we can’t even offer them through eCommerce.” 


Keysight ultimately chose Logik.io to solve their sales productivity and quote time challenges, in large part due to the superior performance the product provided. Logik.io’s proprietary solving engine processes configuration rules in a more efficient way than any other configuration solution, which was a perfect fit for processing the large sets of sophisticated rules Keysight’s advanced products require in order to sell.

Logik.io’s performance and speed allows Keysight sales representatives to spend more time selling, and less time maintaining internally. Additionally, Logik.io’s advanced solving engine again them to not only offer a high-performance experience for the product configurations and guided selling experiences they’re already exposing online, but will allow them to expand to even more product lines they can make available via eCommerce. The headless, API-first design of Logik.io gives Keysight the flexibility to deliver the best custom layout and experience on their site, to provide flexible and dynamic layouts and experiences. 

Keysight has also found Logik.io’s intuitive productized administration features and capabilities, along with the API-first headless architecture, allowed them to streamline their administration of CPQ and commerce significantly. Logik.io’s intuitive rule builder eliminates the pain of unnecessary custom coding and development and allows Keysight to bring innovations to market faster. 

Dan Krantz | CIO

"We’re trying to unify the online customer experience and bridge that divide. Through the Commerce Logic Engine, we can expose the complexity configuration of our products directly to our customers.” 

BK Krishnamurthy

“If you think about the way the industry is going, more and more customers want to figure things out for themselves. They want to be able to do their own research, and even buy on their own if they’re given the option. I feel like without the Commerce Logic Engine capabilities Logik.io can deliver, it would be very difficult to deliver that experience that customers want.”


As a result of implementing Logik.io, Keysight Technologies has already reported increased efficiencies among their sales team, including a 40% decrease in quote processing time. The sales team is able to focus more on their revenue generating activities and less on system maintenance. Logik.io’s ability to configure a custom experience for ecommerce customers with intuitive maintenance has allowed for a huge increase in the number of Keysight products that are available on their site, that were previously impossible to list or sell without a sales representative.

Finally, Keysight has reported exponential time savings and a burst of increased efficiency among system administrators. Individuals who were previously unable to focus on anything outside of CPQ administration and maintenance can now work cross functionally to improve the entirely of Keysight’s infrastructure and initiatives. The team has reported between a 50 and 80% decrease in set up and maintenance time related to CPQ since implementing Logik.io, and they are anticipating unprecedented success as a result of the new systems in place. 



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