5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting & Implementing a CPQ Solution:

CPQ solutions can be one of your biggest sales assets, or one of your own worst enemies.  And it really all comes down to making sure you choose the right solution, and take the right approach to implementation.  

Featured Speakers:


Erwan Kerebel

Sr. Director of Product Management


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Chris Haussler

Sr. Director of Product Management




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Not all CPQ solutions are created equal, and not all CPQ solutions are right for YOUR business. The implications of choosing the wrong CPQ solution can cost you tremendously over the years if you don't choose right:

  • Custom development and workarounds to make the solution fit your needs
  • Costly, tedious, and constant system maintenance to keep up with evolving business needs

Luckily, we have two EXPERTS speaking on this webinar who have seen hundreds of CPQ evaluations, and been part of hundreds of implementations of all of the leading CPQ platforms out there.

Erwan Kerebel is the Sr. Director of Product Management for Salesforce Revenue Cloud where he currently helps customers buy and implement the best CPQ solution for their business, and was previously doing the same at  Apttus (now Conga).  

Chris Haussler is the Sr. Principal Product Manager here at Logik.io where he also works with customers to help deliver the perfect configuration experiences for their business.  Chris previously held product management and professional services roles at BigMachines and Oracle CPQ.  

Join this webinar to hear from both of these CPQ veterans and experts to learn: 

  • Key considerations you need to make when looking to switch your CPQ solution
  • Most common mistakes they've seen businesses make when selecting a CPQ platform
  • How to make sure you're getting the right solution for your specific business needs
  • Best practices that best-in-class CPQ implementations have in common