Sell More, Maintain Less:

How to Achieve a High-Powered, Low-Maintenance Configuration Admin Experience with Logik.io

The quote-to-cash process has a ton of moving parts that your CPQ admins constantly need to be on top of to keep everything running smoothly, particularly when configuration changes occur, new products and features are introduced, or pricing changes (especially for complex configurations with multiple dependencies and countless rules).

Traditionally, IT and business admins must spend a ton of time and effort to customize their CPQ platform to ensure it executes properly. But now, with Logik.io to augment the Salesforce CPQ experience, admins lives just became a lot easier.

In this webinar, you'll hear from Logik.io's VP of Product Fazal Gupta, Salesforce's VP of Revenue Cloud Brion Schweers, and President of Novus CPQ Consulting Frank Sohn to get a deeper look at: 

  • The benefits of Logik.io's next generation configuration admin experience
  • How Logik.io's features and capabilities make Salesforce CPQ admins' lives easier by making configuration more powerful and flexible, and reducing the overall maintenance costs
  • How Logik.io's experience differentiates from other traditional configurators in the space

Download the on-demand recording! (and get the slides)


Featuring Leading Voices in CPQ

Fazal Gupta


VP of Product

Frank Sohn

Novus CPQ Consulting

President & CEO

Brion Schweers


VP of Revenue Cloud


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