A Handbook with Two Decades of CPQ Expertise

Upgrading from Oracle CPQ to Logik.io & Salesforce CPQ:

Learn how the Logik.io native advanced configurator sits on top of Salesforce CPQ to make it work for all your products, services, and subscriptions no matter how sophisticated.

A Peek into The Handbook

& how you can finally switch from Oracle to Salesforce CPQ with the power of Logik.io

With the Co-Founders of Big Machines, Steelbrick, and G2 on our team and backing from Salesforce Ventures & High Alpha, it's safe to say, we know CPQ, configuration and what makes businesses grow.

We pride ourselves on being stewards of the community, not just software sellers. We'll be honest with which tech stacks we can take to launch and which should stick with the status quo.

Our founders knew what was missing from present day CPQ solutions because they built them. They've been learning, iterating, and executing to bring you the missing piece to your instance with API first integration, attribute based configuration and more.

Practical Examples
Learn how to determine which configuration is best for your business needs. 

The Handbook for upgrading from oracle CPQ to Logik.io & Salesforce CPQ